Mass Shooting Inside Texas Church, 27 Assumed Dead

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Mass Shooting Inside Texas Church, 27 Assumed Dead

Unread postby Jacketh » 5th November, 2017, 3:02 pm

...another shooting in America :( ... s-7055630/

(CNN )

The FBI is responding to the scene of a reported shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, according to Michelle Lee, spokeswoman for the FBI's San Antonio field office.

The shooter was killed after a brief chase north into neighboring Guadalupe County, according Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office spokesman Robert Murphy. It is unclear if the shooter was killed by police or took his own life, Murphy said.
Local police also have responded to the scene, which occurred at the First Baptist Church, a witness told CNN. The witness, a cashier at a gas station across the street from the church, said she heard about 20 shots being fired in quick succession while a church service was underway around 11:30 a.m. local time.
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Re: Mass Shooting Inside Texas Church, 27 Assumed Dead

Unread postby Cui » 5th November, 2017, 8:57 pm

As an American living abroad in a country which bans all guns for non military or police use, I think its quite sad to constantly have to see something like this pop into my new feed so often. It's even sadder that most likely, nothing will change for quite some time. It's really easy to get a gun in the U.S., they sell them at the walmart across the street from my old high school. Everything from pistols to full hunting guns, its sometimes a bit scary. But right now, I just feel sad for the families impacted by this tragic act, and I wish them from the bottom of my heart the absolute best going forward, and pray that shooting like this stop. <3
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Re: Mass Shooting Inside Texas Church, 27 Assumed Dead

Unread postby CRUSTY SEA MILF » 6th November, 2017, 12:19 am

As an American, having to experience what seems like a shooting/terror attack every other day is a lot of things, sickening, irritating, disturbing, and confusing. Oftentimes the ability for these monsters to act on their impulses hinges on the fact that they have easy access to guns in our country. Whether it's Columbine, Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, Walmart shooting several days ago, it's easy to blame all these problems on the U.S. While I learn moderate-far liberal, I have somewhat of a moderate perspective on gun control laws. My family personally owns 3 guns I can think of: A shotgun for keeping Coyotes off our land, a ww2 rifle that still fires but belonged to a relative, and a hunting rifle we inherited (we don't hunt). We have to maintain permits to use the shotgun and hunting rifle, but do not have to do so for the old rifle. I don't really have a problem with ownership of pistols and shotguns or even some rifles via permit, some people in the rural areas of my state are partially dependent on hunting seasons and wildlife for food. Additionally, farmers often use guns to keep predators off their property that would otherwise continually kill chickens, sheep, and young/weak cattle. While I think that these types are fine, I cannot find a situation where a citizen not affiliated with the government would need an assault rifle or anything of that nature. A lot of people think that our police force is actually more like a militarized law enforcement, in response to this, I would say that, while especially over the last few years it may seem to be true, there are a lot of good officers and law enforcers that care about their job and follow the rules. The international media usually does a good enough job of portraying how our law is enforced, but sometimes it really seems to be hyperbolized and only shows the negatives. Additionally, I think that it is important that citizens that are of sound mind and have shown responsibility and trustworthiness have the right to carry something on themselves such as a pistol. In some places, law enforcement could be tens of minutes away and may be unable to help in time. Additionally, I feel that some incidents are effectively handled due to someone having a conceal-and-carry or may have been more easily preventable if someone there DID have one. At the same time, the United States criminal justice system has been a lot better at keeping criminals locked up and punished as opposed to rehabilitating them to allow them to fit into society. Mental illness is often a problem in some of these cases, and I think parents and anyone with a gun needs to seriously consider who has access to guns and whether they are of sufficient maturity and sound mind. Anyone who purchases a gun needs to understand that anyone else with access to it should be certified. Also, I think parents needs to stop telling themselves that bizarre behaviors are normal. The Sandy Hook killer was obsessed with call of duty, constantly made jokes about murder, and had a diary with very violent and dangerous ramblings in it that, allegedly, his mother knew about. Also she didn't even bother to lock the guns, thanks for thinking that one through, Mrs. Lanza. Also, while you can purchase a gun at a gun show, you occasionally only need to fill out paperwork and you own one, its that easy, no background check necessarily required. Anyways, I think it would be too hard to completely get rid of citizen carry permits in the U.S., it doesn't make sense to prevent good citizens from taking justice into their own hands when the circumstances call for it. I just don't think congress would let it happen. The terror attacks often are initiated through social media and electronic communication as well, so dealing with that really takes into question censorship laws (a whole different wormhole to get into). Its a complex issue, it really is, and while I understand the dismay that non-Americans have when they see our weapon laws and how we are constantly attacked. At the same time, as an American I think we partially made our own bed with this one, in allowing such loose laws that have difficulty reaching even the black market.

Heres a video that covers specifically police force and the institution of martial law (military rule) in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, its a little lengthy, but has some interesting perspectives and has some good facts in it: ... cas-police

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