Popularité Seasonal Games - Spring 2018 Round I

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Popularité Seasonal Games - Spring 2018 Round I

Unread postby Kaspar » 5th March, 2018, 3:19 pm

The Family Feud (Popularité) seemed to be quite popular among the participants both in the Year Cup and previous events. Many of you guys suggested keeping the game going and shown interest in the future rounds coming, so we decided to make it a thing! The Popularité Seasonal Games is a cup-type event with three rounds per season (yes, you guessed it - one per month :P), so for example for the Popularité Spring, rounds from March, April and May will count, then June, July, August for summer etc. Scores are personal, so it's up to you if you want to take part, the results and champions for each season will be announced after the last round each season.

The champions from each season will receive a cute rank under their name and a banner to reflect their exceptional guessing abilities :cool: (much like the Member of the Month one)!

Let's not prolong though and get to the questions. Because of the fact that it's a monthly thing now, you have an absurd amount of time for each round to submit (around 20 days). The deadline every month will be on the 20th, the results will be announced the next weekend after the deadline.

Popularité Spring 2018 - Round I

1. A popular European dish
2. A mountain range
3. A season
4. A common American holiday
5. A slang to describe your friend
6. An ocean
7. A Newfag member of GTF
8. A major city in the US
9. A popular pop song from 2012
10. A popular gas station chain

Rules and Conditions stay the same as in the previous ones of course:
[Reveal] Spoiler: Rules
It will be a disqualifying offence to discuss your answers with other people. Please do not masquerade around asking "So, British Authors?". And don't try to think we won't notice if you do it privately either, we have caught users who co-operated together in past.

Points are awarded based on how many people choose the same answer. Your answer does not have to be correct, it merely has to be popular. Conceptually, if I asked, "Name an American GTFer", and 16 people said "Tim.", despite Tim being Australian, those people would receive 16 points.

Please PM your answers to me (Kaspar) via the forum OR Discord. A proper title of the message would be highly appreciated. You have time until 20th March. Good luck! :heart:
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