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GTF Mafia - The Next Generation Leaderboard!

Unread postby Cobalt » 9th March, 2018, 2:34 am

Alrighty folks! The days of ELO are long gone, mainly because it was extremely time consuming and frustrating to do after every game and I quickly lost touch with it after awhile. Now that our mafia community has been a bit busier and bustling, revived at last, it's time for a new type of leaderboard!

I'm sure you've all noticed the new banners and badges we've got for players who do well in host-given rankings at the end of their games! It's exciting and flashy to be able to wear the banner on your profile when you do well in a game, and to have the badge in your signature after your banner moves on to the next winners.

The S and A ranking awards are going to be standardized in all GTF mafia games. Hosts will be asked to award up to one S rank for the player who they believe did the absolute best, and 2-3 A rankings for other players who deserve honorable mentions. In some short games recently, the hosts elected not to give an S ranking due to inactivity and the short length of the games, which is okay as well.

The awards will be totaled and tallied back through GTF Mafia XXX - the Christmas mafia that I ran in December. I have also spoken to Jan and George who both ran recent short games that didn't receive rankings from the host, and they decided on which ranks to give for their games as well. MEANING: the following players have retroactively received awards that will count for this leaderboard!

GTF Mafia XXX - Christmas Mafia
S rank - wolbre04 - 5 points
A rank - Gavin - 2 points
A rank - -Brandon- - 2 points
Host - Cobalt - 1 point

GTF Mafia XXXI - Star Wars
No S rank was given for the game. A ranks were given to the surviving 3 members of the mafia for their team's win.
A rank - Hyacinth (Jan) - 2 points
A rank - Petre - 2 points
A rank - Finch - 2 points
Host - George - 1 point

GTF Mafia XXXII - Newfags vs. Oldfags
No S rank was given for the game due to its brief length. A ranks were given to the 3 players who received an honorable mention from the game host.
A rank - Cobalt - 2 points
A rank - Calcifer - 2 points
A rank - Gavin - 2 points
Host - Hyacinth - 1 point

GTF Mafia XXXIII - Cartoon Chaos
S rank - Cobalt - 5 points
A rank - Quinn - 2 points
A rank - Petre - 2 points
A rank - Adyuto - 2 points
Host - wolbre04 - 1 point

S rankings will award a player 5 points, while A rankings will award a player 2 points. Hosting a game will reward the game host with 1 point for the board, because they sacrifice their time and energy into running a successful game and thus give up their chance at receiving an award. This not only provides incentive for players to want to grow and learn and eventually become game hosts to allow other hosts the chance to play, but it also does quantifiably reward the very hard work that hosting a game can be.

The leaderboard will be used after several more games go by to determine the invitational list of players for the next GTF MAFIA: ALL STARS. This will be the third iteration of all stars and will use this leaderboard as opposed to the old ELO list and veterans, and only players who play current games to make it onto this leaderboard will be eligible for All-Stars invites.


1. Cobalt - 8 points
2. wolbre04 - 6 points
3. Gavin - 4 points
3. Petre - 4 points
5. Hyacinth - 3 points
6. Brandon - 2 points
6. Finch - 2 points
6. Calcifer - 2 points
6. Quinn - 2 points
6. Adyuto - 2 points
11. George - 1 point

If you received a ranking in this thread that you did not yet have:

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