First gay experiences - wouldn't be able to cum, erection problems?

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First gay experiences - wouldn't be able to cum, erection problems?

Unread postby JMakai » 17th September, 2017, 11:28 am


this is probably a question you can't answer for me, but I somehow feel like telling this someone and I don't really have one to talk to.

Though already 20 I am rather inexperienced. I've had sex with 2 girls (one of them being a hooker) and two guys now. And about these guys I want to talk to you.

When I walk in the street I notice attractive guys a lot (more than girls indeed). I'm curious I'd say so I wanted to try it out. Both stories went very similar. I met the guys online (craigslist actually). Actually I quite fancied both of them. They were tall and rather masculine, big, hairy - which is what I like indeed (or at least what I don't mind). Both of them had an awesome cock, too, amazingly thick in both cases. It was actually quite how I always imagined it to be. I liked the first one a lot on the personal level. If it hadn't been on holiday I actually could have imagined building a relationship with him. The second one was also alright but no real connection there. Actually I met him just yesterday.

Ok, long story short: Everything as I imagined it to be. But when we were getting down on it, I wouldn't be able to cum. In the first case I actually came but I had a really hard time at it and I had to jack off myself. In the second case even this didn't work out and I couldn't cum at all. In this second case I also tried to fuck him. But well, he'd get down on all fours but I couldn't insert my cock. It wasn't because he was too tight, rather because I couldn't hold the erection. That was pretty disappointing as I wanted to try it out and as I wanted to do what I promised him beforehand. He said it's ok and I'm new to this but you could feel he was also pretty disappointed.

Apart from that, I enjoyed kissing them a lot and cuddling, I love cuddling. :hug: I also enjoyed sucking their dicks. And I profoundly liked the first guy, so did he like me I guess.
If you compare this with my experience with girls, it's very different. I'm quite picky on girls (concerning their looks), really far less picky on guys. And it's very hard for me to build an emotional connection with girls, have only ever met very few girls whom I actually liked. But sex with girls is easy. I actually rather have the problem of not cumming too early. I am able to shoot my load when a girl sucks me (even with a condom as when the hooker sucked me), with guys no chance.

This all confuses me a lot. I actually would have liked to be able to cum and to fuck this guy. But I couldn't. Now I wonder: Does that mean, I am just not into it that much? Or does it mean there's some kind of blockade in my head? I am able to get off on gay porn but at least at the moment (was quite different few years ago) I prefer straight porn. Though I don't like lesbian porn what my straight friends all like the most.

Did anyone ever had the same problem? If you read this, what comes to your mind?

I'd consider myself bi perhaps, though it's difficult. I mean you can't like, love perhaps, guys and fuck girls instead. I am very confused and actually quite depressed right now. Right now it doesn't feel like I was ment to be happy or in love.
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Re: First gay experiences - wouldn't be able to cum, erection problems

Unread postby Woollyhoolly » 17th September, 2017, 1:07 pm

Stress? As you've literally dedicated an entire essay to your problem... don't overthink
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Re: First gay experiences - wouldn't be able to cum, erection problems

Unread postby Tim. » 18th September, 2017, 6:01 am

I'd say it's a mental thing. You were probably uncomfortable in the situation even on a subconscious level, and therefore little JMakai refused to play along.
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