Something you want to say to someone but cannot

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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby Mystery » 2nd July, 2017, 5:29 am

A few responses:

To a guy:
I don't get why you like me when you're so much better than me?

to myself:
It's so sad that wine can make me feel sort of good about myself.
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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby Littlenorthernboy » 4th July, 2017, 10:00 am

Mystery wrote:A few responses:

To a guy:
I don't get why you like me when you're so much better than me?

to myself:
It's so sad that wine can make me feel sort of good about myself.

And why exactly can you not say that to him :/
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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby M4DNESS » 4th July, 2017, 8:24 pm

Hey, *******, It's been a long time but I really want us to connect again.
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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby Quinn » 6th July, 2017, 1:16 am

Sometimes the nightmares come back. I remember the intricacies of your face less and less each time, but I know it's you.

And when you finally stop haunting my dreams, I don't know if I'll feel relief or anguish.
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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby TheBrunswickian » 6th July, 2017, 5:51 am

not this again. don't draw me into this. i can't risk being to close to you because you'll implode
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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby Mawd » 7th July, 2017, 2:49 pm

This place lets me be gratuitously emo without having to care about people's concern.

1) Part of me still holds you responsible for his death. I know you didn't intend for it, and it was ultimately his actions that led to it. He might've just gone over at some other point. Yet the shaky ground he stood on was influenced by your actions and that was the trigger for his end.


2) If it was anyone else I'd have given them another chance by now but it's not and I think you'll never change. You're sick and being around you makes me sick. I still have dreams where I talk with you and I get to feel the love you have for me; but when you get toxic you make me want to kill myself and I can't have that now can I?

Still it's been four years since we talked and I'm still hurting from you.
I'm still unsure if I should let you die without trying one last time to have a loving relationship with you again. I think it's always going to be painful for me even if I do try again. I'm not sure if there's a right choice here. Faking that there's nothing wrong with us to our family hurts as much. But half of them are as bullheaded as you and the other half are too brittle for that kind of knowledge.
Sigh, if only you weren't such a shit.
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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby boiii » 7th July, 2017, 2:54 pm

you're incredibly good looking. I don't know either why, but it is true.
You disagree with me and would say otherwise. You're wrong though.
Glad that you get told you're an awesome guy by your friends at least.

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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby GaycrazyBoi » 30th September, 2017, 8:03 pm

To my ex boyfriend;

How dare you, you pathetic piece of shit. You knew I had a crush on you, you knew I wanted you, you knew how much you meant to me, you knew how much I loved you. You knew I would have done anything for you. You knew that I wasn't even supposed to speak to you so I had to hide it. You knew I spent every waking moment thinking of ways to please you and how to make you happy, but I had to hide it. You threw a fit that I wasn't there for your birthday, you knew I was out of town for family stuff, you knew you had family stuff planned the day of my birthday and you told me you'd be there, and you let me know at the last possible second, knowing I'd be devastated, you knew you leaving for weeks at a time would hurt, and didn't even tell me. You knew I had to be careful and you acted so happy when we finally saw each other for the first time in three months but less than a week later you were yelling in my face about how worthless I was and how much I frustrated you and didn't meet your expectations. You knew damn well what you were going to do and you didn't even let me have a word in, you lied and said everything was okay when it wasn't, you didn't give a damn about me or our relationship, when I would have killed to keep it. I love you, but I hate you.

You choose to be with my worst enemy instead of me, you choose to show off your relationship and flaunt your happiness as I look at you and die inside. I may have moved on, but I still cannot bring myself to stop loving you now more than ever, nor can I stop myself from thinking of how much you deserve to suffer for what you've done to me, and my friends.

You dumped me in front of your friends while laughing at their jokes and not even caring enough to dump me the right way, the proper way, the way I deserved to be dumped: directly, gently, and quickly. Instead you spent 10 fucking minutes belittling me in front of my friends and yours and I had to sit through every fucking second of it like you were leeching away every ounce of joy that you brought into my life. Then you finally said the last words to me: "I never want to see you again". And my soul died. I walked calmly away, but inside I was dying. I went to my friends and cried for an hour. I spent the entirety of the day sitting through my classes and not being able to do anything. I couldn't cry, I couldn't focus, all I could do was stare straight at the board and pretend to care. Meanwhile, as I walked away, you and your friends went back to your game and laughed.

I can't even bring myself to hate you, either. When you looked sad, even though my soul was being destroyed, I asked you if you were okay. You pushed me away again. You don't even know how much I'm suffering, but you're so fucking happy, it makes my blood boil. And maybe, as you said, it's poor taste to let a relationship end bitterly, but it is worst taste to end it that way and then pretend I don't even exist. You don't even acknowledge my existence anymore, as though our entire relationship, as though our notes, as though I, never existed.

So, then, maybe you can forgive me for feeling this way. Here's a poem for you

I hope you fall down a well,
Straight to hell!

I hope you realize
How much you I despise!

I hope you break your leg,
I hope you blow up a powder keg!

I hope you get in a tiff
And fall off a cliff!

I hope you die at home,
Lost and alone!

I hope you feel, even for a second, what you put me through. The reason I didn't do anything to myself when you abandoned me is that I don't want to let you win. The reason I still want to be friends is the hope that I can see the day when you're as lost and alone as I've been, and then, help you up, only to push you back down, and say these words to your pathetic little fat ugly ass: "How does it feel? Being alone and then thinking nobody is going to help or care, then the one person who saved you pushes you back down with such cruelty?"

Because that's what you did to me, Andy. You found me when I was at my lowest point, and you lifted me up. And then, you pushed me back down and walked away, with a massive grin on your face. Well, those lips I once wanted to kiss, I hope they get busted open by the next guy whose heart you break! Those dreamy eyes, I hope someone turns them black! That hair, I want it ripped out! And, most of all, I want you to drown in sulfuric acid!

With love,

Your "Dazzling Ruby"

P.S.: I lied, I DID steal your pencil pouch last year. I had to get your attention somehow, can you really blame me? Plus it was entertaining watching you search the school for it.
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Re: Something you want to say to someone but cannot

Unread postby Wayde » 2nd October, 2017, 6:53 pm

I'm really sad that we aren't friends anymore. We used to be so close and now we haven't had a single conversation in years. The worst part of it all is that it all just faded away. There was never a definite end, I just looked back and what we had was long gone. I miss your friendship. I miss how your optimism balanced out my pessimism. I miss how you could make me laugh harder than anyone else without even trying. I miss not even having saying hello, just calling each other and immediately starting a conversation or story. I miss staying up way too late talking and then complaining to each other about how tired we are the next morning. I miss teasing you about that cute guy you said made flirtatious comments that one time. There are so many things I wish I could say but don't. Every time I reach out now it seems like it pains you to respond. I guess I just miss you, and it hurts that you don't miss me.
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