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Fave music vids

Unread postby RoulĂ© 305 » 13th September, 2017, 7:06 pm

This has probably been done already but imma start it anyway. Tbh I love a good music video - sometimes a symbolic, weird af or aesthetically pleasing music video can make the song so much better. So whether your taste is trash or fine art, post your fave music vids here. I'll start with a few:

Probably classic by this point:

Stunning visuals and symbolism - I still love the long shot down the hanger with the plane at the end even if it is just CGI:

Two gangs face up to fight but they suddenly decide to become a gay club during the last drop:

Lots of things happen in this one??:

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Re: Fave music vids

Unread postby CelticSky » 25th September, 2017, 10:43 pm

Those are awesome :) i really like the do the evolution one xD

This one is just.. weird? but i like it :P

EDIT: I just found my new fav!

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