Youtube Covers Megathread

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Youtube Covers Megathread

Unread postby Cobalt » 23rd December, 2017, 2:32 am

Hey y'all! So I'm a huge fan of watching people who do covers on youtube, especially fully produced professional-sounding groups. A lot of people who got famous I used to watch on youtube doing covers for years (Christina Grimmie, Charlie Puth, etc.) and I think this is a good idea for a place to compile and share your favorite covers!

I'll start with some of my favorite groups, first the Kurt Hugo Schneider and co. group consisting of himself (who produces and normally doesn't sing), his brother Max Schneider, Sam Tsui, and their friends who all make AMAZING high quality covers. Here's a cover of Say Something that was done by Max and Victoria Justice and SLAYED MY LIFE because they took the whole ending up a third and Max belted Christina's high notes. Lawd. :smitten:

And a boy cover of Bang Bang that slayed my life and made my nonexistent ovaries explode.

The first time I heard Max's single Lights Down Low on the radio and almost cried because I've been a huge fan for years. :lol:

Here's some more good stuff done by Kurt, I love his acoustic arrangements:

Boyce Avenue is quality as fuck. I definitely recommend you check out everything they do.

Leroy Sanchez is my man-crush since like 2011 and he does really great stuff as well. He speaks Spanish so I love his Spanglish twists like Shape of You but he's got crazy good pipes and a lot of great covers on his channel. He's not always produced fully but the quality on most of his newer stuff is fantastic.

Who are your favorite cover artists? Share below! :awesome:
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Re: Youtube Covers Megathread

Unread postby JordanMusicalGaymer » 23rd December, 2017, 3:07 am

Well over my years i have found so many different covers that i love so dearly so i will just post probably like 10. (Hard to choose what 10 - i really love my music).

First of all i will have to put an argument up to cobalt about Max and Kurt being related as i have seen probably like every KHS video going and in one of my favourite covers of them both together is 'Break even' a cover of the script were Kurt addresses that him and Max are not related. You can see below!

Since i have got that out of the way i will also suggest a few Kurt Hugo Schneider vids.

First i would recommend his and Diamond Whites' cover of Dangerous Woman - this song is so raw and thew way Diamond sings this all acoustic is absolutely beautiful.

Next one of my personal favourites of his would be the trio cover with Mario Jose, VINCINT and Aaron Encinas of One last time. They absolutely slay this song and i may cry every time i hear this.

I would then suggest if you want to hear his Kurt's vocals that you should go watch his cover of I Cant Help Falling In Love - so raw and emotional. This man is such a talent and should not go overlooked!

Finally which will lead me into my next cover artist is his mashup with Sam Tsui of Christina Grimmie greatest hits and covers. The emotion portrayed within this mashup is insane as the love shared between the three of them was so obvious. Christina was an angel that was taken away from us way to early. I was hit by this as Christina was my favourite you tubers for up of 5 years. This cover will have you in tears. That is all that needs to be said. R.I.P Christina.

So i am just going to leave one Christina cover here because this is the only cover you will need to hear of hers to see how amazing she was as a singer. This will be her cover of titanium. The way she sings this songs is as if she is singing it about herself and own death and that needs to be seen to be completely attached to this cover.

Now to move on from this i want to say I have been a massive fan of acapella and sung with an acapella group for years and so of course i have to have some acapella covers here! First of all i will put probably the most obvious acapella group there is Pentatonix! Watching them since the sing off and seeing them live three times now i have seen them grow so much and see the evolution. But they have two covers that must be seen. One for the Christmas spirit and then one which wont hem their first Grammy.

Then this is the grammy award winning Daft Punk remix

Edit - just cause i also think this deserves more recognition!

So i am going to finish this post with a video from two different ICCA competing acapella groups - No Comment and The Nor'Easters.

First of all the cover by No Comment - Surrender

Last but not least the full wildcard performance for the ICCA finals performed by The Nor'Easters. The emotion that is portrayed while they are performing each of these songs is because they recently lost one of the key parts of the group that had been like a brother to many of them for up to around 4 years at this point. This was dedicated to him with some lyric changes in songs.

Well i am done !
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Re: Youtube Covers Megathread

Unread postby Cobalt » 23rd December, 2017, 3:27 am

LMAO I just naturally thought that they were related this whole time
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Re: Youtube Covers Megathread

Unread postby JonathanT88 » 23rd December, 2017, 10:48 am

Gudrun wrote:

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Re: Youtube Covers Megathread

Unread postby CelticSky » 26th March, 2018, 12:51 pm

Postmodern jukebox can be quite good
I'll admit some of there covers feel... off? but there are absoloute gems out there, this one is fun i think
(plus she has unbelievable vocal control!) :keke:

They experimented with camerawork once and this was the smooth, lilting result

and they also make me like songs that i never really took too otherwise :lol:
cant think why i like this one... :unf:

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