Song meanings (:

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Song meanings (:

Unread postby Gavin » 7th February, 2018, 2:00 pm

Do you sometimes hear a song and wonder what's the exact meaning behind it, so you google it and you find out theres a really cool story/meaning attached to the lyrics? :keke:

Well lets share those songs here with each other :D

to start this off, i recently wondered what was the exact meaning behind one of my favorite songs, alive by pearl jam. it turned out it is part of a trilogy; part 1 being alive, part 2 being once (another really cool song) and the 3rd part being called footsteps.

alive is devided in 2 parts as well: the first half is about a mom telling his son who he thinks is his father is someone else, his real dad passed away, the 2nd half is about a anecdote where you learn the mom fell in love with the son and (sexually?) abused him.

i think "once" takes place some time later, it tells the story of the son becoming a murderer who wonders why he cant control himself anymore.

footsteps was alot harder to understand, and if i didnt read online it was part 3 i would never have connected it to the other 2 songs, one reason being the fact its on a different album. people online think its about the son being on the death row, blaming his mother for who he became, although this isnt literally mentioned during the song. the song it self also isnt as good as the other 2 (in my opinion).

So yea i was really glad i found out about the story the songs tell, and i hope you guys can also help me and others to get to know some really cool songs with awesome meanings/stories behind it :keke:

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Re: Song meanings (:

Unread postby wolbre04 » 7th February, 2018, 2:07 pm

The meaning of this song is unknown, and open to interpretation by the audience listening
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Re: Song meanings (:

Unread postby Lightboy » 7th February, 2018, 3:13 pm

The video song from Katy Perry actually reflects issues in today's society that are yet to be solved:

0:03 - Oblivia Name of the Park which refers to Oblivion(= state of unawareness or unconsciousness)

0:22 - People are too busy to take pictures and be on social media than to actually live the moment.

0:30 - The Cotton Candy has the forme of a nuclear bomb which refers to ongoing wars.

0:33 - The Great American Dream Drop which obviously references to the American Dream at the time people immigrated for safety.

0:40 - Rose(Katy) gets a reality check.

0:49 - It is still an ongoing problem that love life is heterosexuality in many areas of the world.

1:13 - People follow the same pattern instructed without doubts.

1:21 - We validate ourselves through likes on social medias.

1:36 - Women are still undervalued.

1:53 - Bombs Away....self explanatory...

2:25 - We drink what is given to us without realizing how bad it affects us.

2:47 - Rose is doubting if she should act and blend it with everyone against being herself.

2:36 - Asian and Black people fall while...

3:46 - Rose (A white person) doesn't fall which still shows the inevitable amount of ethnic discrimination still present in today's society.

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