Gay or Bi

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Gay or Bi

Unread postby ColorGuardCrazy » 15th September, 2017, 10:26 pm

The big decision. To chose yourself as being gay is putting up a wall for possible other sex partners to come to you and for you to go to them. Once you are out, you are out and there is no going back.

Personally, I currently identify as gay :david: and am uninterested :dunno: to the point of disgustedness :pukey: in some areas, in vaginas, boobs and the female face. But then when it comes to the male counterpart I'm attracted to everything.

Yet my mind wanders as I walk through my school's halls, sorry if this is creepy, but hey, let's be real, everyone has checked someone out. I may sometimes come across a female behind that catches my attention in a somewhat sexual way. :hug:

I understand that men have butts too, but not in the way women have them. Obviously, the female figure is vastly different from the average males. :lostpainting:

So gtf, am I bisexual? Or is it completely normal to be sorta interested in another gender body part yet be disgusted by the rest of them and call yourself gay?
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Re: Gay or Bi

Unread postby Dolly » 15th September, 2017, 11:13 pm

Uh, I'm kind of confused as I read this, but um, I would still consider you gay I guess?
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Re: Gay or Bi

Unread postby Scorpius X-1 » 16th September, 2017, 2:46 am

I would think of it like, if you never would get romantically or sexually involved with a woman (Would you be able to enjoy butt sex with a woman if the rest of her body is disgusting?), but would with a man, then identify as gay.
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Re: Gay or Bi

Unread postby Littlenorthernboy » 16th September, 2017, 4:14 am

Easy: biflexible gay.
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Re: Gay or Bi

Unread postby Wayde » 16th September, 2017, 2:10 pm

I'm sorry, I couldn't take this seriously with the emojis interrupting every sentence :lol:
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