My Disputable Dating Philosophy

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My Disputable Dating Philosophy

Unread postby Cruel& » 16th September, 2017, 2:25 am

So recently I've had the pleasure of making many great gay friends. Some of whom seem to share the same concerns that I do, such as feeling too "exposed" when in public relationship.

More so than just words, I've been able to incorporate a sense of thought in day to day life. Feeling it necessary since one of my friends likes me, but doesn't like himself.

Simply put: You shouldn't get a boyfriend/girlfriend just because you think he/she will make you love yourself. The best relationships are based off of self-confidence in both people. No one can make you love yourself.

I don't know if his goal is to get me to love him so he can love himself, but this came to mind when thinking about if he'd ever confront me about his feelings.
"I'm so glad I came but I can't wait to leave"
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Re: My Disputable Dating Philosophy

Unread postby Littlenorthernboy » 16th September, 2017, 4:26 am

One should not seek for relationship if they are not capable of taking care of their mental health first. Everyone┬┤s priority should be their own well-being. Using bandage relationships to cover up self doubts can lead to greater wounds when the bandage is removed: when the bandage stretches out, it can damage the wound beneath.
The wound should be almost healed when you insert the bandage, then removing it wont cause damage.

Aka for optimal relationships, self-confidence for both is a prerequisite
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