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Unread postby AllisonWonderland421 » 18th January, 2018, 7:52 pm

My sister, who has a three month old daughter, got on the topic of LGBT the other day and said that her daughter can be "gay or straight, but none of that other shit." She later divulged that this meant being trans, pan, bi, etc.

Turns out, my family agrees with her. I tried to persuade them to my way of thinking (which is basically that as long as people are happy and they aren't doing anything wrong, no one should care what their gender or sexuality is) but they ended up saying my beliefs were "too liberal." I love my niece and I'm terrified that she'll be something other than female or something other than gay or straight and she won't get the support that she'll need from her own parents. I've already been warned about trying to introduce her to information about being trans or nonbinary (even just explaining the basics of it) so I'm just looking for advice on what to do if she does start mentioning things like that?
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Re: Advice??

Unread postby Dolly » 18th January, 2018, 11:45 pm

Transgenders make up 0.6% of the population, so there is no reason to worry and introduce her to inappropriate material with the off chance she could identify as something other than lesbian or straight. I can say that the reason the rest of your family scoffs at the idea of being pansexual, non-binary, etc. is that such people often make fools of themselves, at least that's how they are portrayed in the media. Just wait until the time comes, but like I said earlier, there is a 99.4% she'll be cisgender.

In the very rare chance, she does happen to start mentioning she could be non-conforming, around her puberty years (I say that because kids often don't understand what they say and may crossdress for play), you could be her support system. That is many, many years from now and the political and social landscape may change by then in addition to your family's views.
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