House Cup 2017 Rules

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House Cup 2017 Rules

Unread postby Dua Lipa » 19th June, 2017, 1:32 pm

House Cup 2017 Rules

Although the House Cup is just a friendly competition that allows us to have a little bit of fun, make friends and promote forum activity however, it is important that we outline some rules to ensure things run smoothly.

Rule 1: The Judges votes will be public. There will be a criteria for each challenge that the Judges will follow. It is very important to be respectful to every Judge; acknowledging they've given up their time.

Rule 2: Following on from the above, aggressive and persistent dissent to any decisions the Hosts or Judges make will not be tolerated. You may, of course, ask how you were marked in each individual challenge, and why. Moreover. If you feel you are being continuously overlooked for points for forum contribution or the challenges, you may tell your Captain who will speak to us.

Rule 3: Despite being an external chat, GTF rules apply on any House Cup related chat. Bullying, intimidation, or belittling any members will not be accepted. This year with Discord being the platform of of all the team chats we have some additional rules, the Discord chat is for the House Cup only and therefore we ask members do not invite anyone who is not part of the House Cup or post the link where non GTF/House Cup members can see it. The House Cup Discord server also features a couple of bots which provide some useful things for us but also a bit of fun, we ask that you do not abuse this feature.

Rule 4: Captains and Vice Captains must not put members of their team under pressure to contribute in a particular area if they are not comfortable doing so. There is a difference between encouragement and intimidation.

Rule 5: Interaction between competing teams is encouraged, but belittling a member or their efforts personally is not. We understand a bit of banter between mates and the occasional drag but there is a clear line that should not be crossed.

Rule 6: Like always, those playing Popularité must not hint or talk to other members about their votes. Normal Popularité rules apply. Cheating is extremely obvious, and has resulted in members being disqualified in previous years. There may also be challenges where you will be asked to not share details such as Worldvision.

Rule 7: All submissions will be your own work, and it must not have been used or shown on GTF before. You will seek permission from any member that features in your entries.

Rule 8: The judges absolutely will accept bribes :eli:

Failure to abide by the rules may lead to disqualification for the member, as well as a penalty for their team. Collective responsibility will be enforced and should be expected. If you are found breaking the rules, expect your team to be penalised as well as you.
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