House Cup 2017: Forum Contribution Scoring

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House Cup 2017: Forum Contribution Scoring

Unread postby Dua Lipa » 19th June, 2017, 2:10 pm

Forum Contribution Points

Forum Contribution is, generally, writing posts that are considered to be insightful, welcoming or otherwise pleasant and wanted on GTF. It constitutes for 10% of the overall judgement of member participation in the House Cup. That means, out of all 2000 points awarded fortnightly in the Cup, 200 will be awarded for Forum Contribution.

The rules for awarding the first 100 points will be different to the latter. This system will be described in detail below.

The first 100 points pool.

The first 100 points will be given out by judges directly.

Each judge will be able to award points according to their own judgement for any contributions to GTF in the form of one post or multiple posts they may find useful.

There are, however rules concerning awarding individual points as follows:

• A judge will give out either 1, 2, 5 or 10 points per post.

• 1 or 2 points will be given out for a minor contribution, such as being polite to and welcoming a new member.

• 5 points will be awarded for a bigger contribution to GTF, such as a longer piece of advice for a new member, creation of a good food-for-thought thread.

• 10 points will be awarded for outstanding one-post contributions and are expected to be handed out sporadically.

• The judges collectively will not give out more than 100 points per fortnight and any points that mistakenly are handed out over the limit may be cancelled without compensation. Therefore, it is up to judges to ensure self-control on how many points they are spending each time.

• Any points that haven’t been spent within the fortnight will be added to the second 100 points pool, to which rules are described below.

The second 100 points pool.

This pool of points will be handed out at the end of each House Cup fortnight. It may include more than 100 points in case of the judges not using up the first 100 points. These will be handed out to five best contributors to the forum overall in a similar manner to that of Popularité winners. All judges will participate in the secret discussion on members that are worthy of receiving extra points from this pool.

Other significant information and rules.

• Players are not allowed to approach judges to ask for a post to be awarded points for themselves or any members of their own team. If anybody approaches us in this manner the post in question will be awarded no points, even if it hasn't yet been seen by a judge.

• Similarly, players are not permitted to question the number of points awarded for a post. Judges will be as fair and objective as possible in awarding points and their decision will be final.

• Leaders are allowed and expected to submit lists of candidates for points awarded for exceptional individual contributions in the second pool.

• Once the winners of the second pool are announced, the judgement is final and no amendments will be made.

• The rules may be subject to minor changes without notification.
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