Guess Who: GTF Edition!

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Guess Who: GTF Edition!

Unread postby CRUSTY SEA MILF » 28th November, 2017, 7:50 pm


Howdy Folks!

I've been thinking about ways to keep the forum active in a fresh, different way, and I figured why not have fun while getting to know interesting things about one another! I've decided to host a game of Guess Who? and would love if you guys want to participate with me! If you are not familiar with the game, fret not! I will explain the rules and general guidelines/explanation for the game here.

General Concept
The game is played in increments of 10 days, starting and stopping at 12:00 AM CST. This 10 days is broken up into 8 clue days, followed by a 2 day break. The goal of the game is to guess, based on daily clues, as to who is being described. These clues will start broad, vague, and potentially quite nebulous, but will eventually become more descriptive and succinct.
If you choose to volunteer, DO NOT POST THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED HERE, as it will indicate that you could be the person during a given week. Instead, please message me via social media, forum, or discord works for expressing interest.

For Those Participating
-Estimated to begin December 1, at midnight CST, provided we have at least 8 players.
-Message me 8 factual clues about yourself. These should start out broad, and slowly begin to narrow you down. Try to avoid clues that are obvious or well-known. Please write them in order Vague -> Specific
-Make these clues interesting, funny, or cool. Remember, this is a way to get to know other and show them your fun! Each clue should not be a wall of text.
-If you're going to submit a clue that is sexual, I don't want any graphic clues. I retain the right to redact portion of a clue(s) if you send me something graphic or explicit
-Include an image of yourself I can include when your identity is revealed, if you don't I'll use your forum picture or find the least photogenic picture of you :pics: :lol:
-You may only guess the identity of the current person once per day. This is to avoid someone spamming and ending the cycle on day 1. I realize the time zone is based on American time, so please do your best to spread guesses out as close to a day apart as possible.
-I ask you to refrain from discussing your clues and the current round with others. This is an individual game, and cheating is lame and can ruin the fun. Violation of this rule may result in elimination from contest or warning. This is at my discretion, just have fun.
-I will maintain and update a leaderboard regarding points. You cannot gain points for your own submission, and only the first correct guess wins each round.

Points are Earned as Follows
Guessing Correctly within Clues:
1-3 ---------> 3 Points
4-6 ---------> 2 Points
7-8 ---------> 1 Point

Here is a Template/Sample of Clues
Name: Brennan McFakeClues
1. I starred as an extra in Skyfall, while vacationing in Italy
2. My Dad shares a name with a famous singer
3. My room is painted orange, my favorite color
4. I have been a GTFer for over a month
5. I'm Ideologically/Politically Centrist
6. I share a last name with an animal that howls
7. I played competitive soccer (football) until this past year, when I turned 18
8. People often call me B, Brendiggity, and Wolfeman at school
Pic: Include File or URL here!

Signups Start Now! Please Contact me via PM if you are interested!
Message Via PM if Interested, Please!
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